Bronze covered chocolate bars

A recent was the creation of some chocolate bars. However the request included “teach me how to do it”, and they have to look nice in the end.

Chocolate bar moulds
Chocolate bar moulds with white chocolate and Oreo crumbs

Starting with standard chocolate bar moulds and – more or less – tempered white chocolate, we covered the moulds and spread some Oreo crumbs on it. Afterwards we tempered some milk chocolate and filled the chocolate bars up with it.

But after letting it cool down and removing the chocolate bars from the mould, we noticed that there was a small problem: the chocolate hadn’t been tempered properly and it became a bit grey.
Well these things happen. If it wasn’t a teaching session I would have melted the chocolate and started allover again, but in this case I went for plan B: cover it up.

Chocolate bars covered with bronze powder
Chocolate bars covered with bronze powder

I had some bronze food coloring powder and, using a brush, we applied the powder allover the chocolate bars.
That way the little mistakes where not that visible and the bars looked cool.

Now that we had the chocolate bars ready, they needed to be properly wrapped. The bars itself got wrapped in white coated paper and around that we added a printed sleeve with a customised text on it.

Chocolate bar with customised printed sleeve
Chocolate bar with customised printed sleeve

The result looked lovely and the presentee at first wouldn’t believe that it was homemade.
So I’d say, successful course.

Cherry cake – Black Forrest style

I got around testing a baking mixture for a cherry cake black forrest style, which is kind of unusual, but why not?

baking mixture cherry cake black forrest style
baking mixture cherry cake black forrest style

I’m usually not a fan of baking mixtures, since most of the time they will cost alot and the end result is.. well you will know that it’s a baking mixture. But it’s convenient, it’s simple and quickly prepared.

As you can see from the image, the baking mixture itself came in a pretty nice jar, which actually is a Weck botteling jar, which can easily be used as a jam jar anything like it. The layering of the ingedients is standard by now for the baking mixtures which come in bottles or glasses, but it’s always nice to see what’s in.

In this case from top top bottom: Chocolate chips, dried cherries, brown sugar, flour, and well the layer x which contains all the rest, in this case cinnamon, baking powder, salt, vanilla sugar.


So let’s get started.

The instructions state: Measure 120g of butter, add two large eggs and stir them.
When done, add the baking mixture and keep stirring for about a minute, and you’re done.

Simple enugh. The result was .. well I kind of expected more dough out of it.

dough in loaf pan

But anyway. Now just 40 minutes in the oven at 170°C and it’s cake time…. something…

the cake

Yeah.. well.. Remeber what I said about baking mixtures in the beginning? Okay that the cake broke when I pulled it out of the loaf pan.. my fault, but the size?

Okay, it’s not the best picture and the cake is flipped upside down because I just pulled it out of the pan .. but still, when I bake a cake I want a cake, and not a half sized one.

And the taste? Well that was actually pretty good. Sure chocolate, cherries, sugar & butter.. recipie for a tasty cake, but still it could be messed up. But no, it was soft and I enjoyed it.

Would I buy it.. well. Not for the sake of actually baking a cake. I would probably buy the ingedients alone and do it myself, but as small gift it would work well.